Where to travel In April 2024? 30 Best Warm Weather destinations In April (2024)

Top 30 travel destinations in april

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in april 2024 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Tenerife in aprilgood weather

#1 Tenerife

Orlando in aprilgood weather

#2 Orlando

Cyprus in aprilperfect weather

#3 Cyprus

Lanzarote in aprilgood weather

#4 Lanzarote

Turkey in aprilgood weather

#5 Turkey

Crete in aprilgood weather

#6 Crete

Malta in aprilgood weather

#7 Malta

Portugal in aprilgood weather

#8 Portugal

Greece in aprilgood weather

#9 Greece

Vietnam in aprilgood weather

#10 Vietnam

Ibiza in aprilgood weather

#11 Ibiza

Fuerteventura in aprilgood weather

#13 Fuerteventura

Benidorm in aprilgood weather

#14 Benidorm

Antalya in aprilgood weather

#15 Antalya

Sevilla in aprilgood weather

#16 Sevilla

Lesotho in aprilperfect weather

#17 Lesotho

Malaga in aprilgood weather

#18 Malaga

Croatia in aprilgood weather

#19 Croatia

Egypt in aprilperfect weather

#20 Egypt

Morocco in aprilgood weather

#21 Morocco

Virginia Beach in aprilgood weather

#22 Virginia Beach

Nice in aprilgood weather

#23 Nice

Dubai in aprilperfect weather

#24 Dubai

Cape Verde in aprilperfect weather

#25 Cape Verde

Marrakesh in aprilperfect weather

#26 Marrakesh

Taipei in aprilgood weather

#27 Taipei

Madeira in aprilgood weather

#28 Madeira

Tunisia in aprilperfect weather

#29 Tunisia

Minorca in aprilgood weather

#30 Minorca

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Where to travel in april 2024: worldwide destination map

Use this find to see all the destinations with good weather in april 2024.

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Holidays in april: where to go according to your preferences?

In April, everything seems possible! Whether you want to travel in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, there is a wide choice of destinations for a weekend with your family or lovers, or for your spring break. And if you still don't know where to go in April, discover our selection of countries and cities that enjoy an ideal or favorable climate.

Where to go to enjoy the sun and rest at the beach in April?

A relaxing stay has every chance of being held in the best conditions in a sunny destination. And in April, it is a bit like the high season in European seaside resorts after several months spent in the cold. While it is still cool in most northern European countries, you have to go south to enjoy the sunshine and the water that is starting to warm up slowly. One thinks in particular of Spain, which is very close to France and which is bathed in a particularly generous climate from the beginning of spring. You will certainly enjoy your idleness sessions on the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia, where you can combine sightseeing with beach relaxation.

It is also starting to get hot in the Greek islands: Corfu, Mykonos, Samos, Lesbos, etc. In France, Biarritz and Nice have a decent climate, but to really enjoy sunbathing, it is better to head for Corsica. With more than 8 hours flight time from France, the Caribbean also remains faithful to their postcard shot in April. Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Bayahibe and Boca Chica invite you to live a real tropical dream on the shores of a turquoise sea. A fishing village atmosphere, fine sand shaded by coconut trees and crystal clear waters as far as the eye can see is also available in Guadeloupe, Martinique and other Caribbean islands.

A small exotic paradise, French Polynesia offers a pleasant climate for those who want to go far away to clear their minds while enjoying the beach. Head for Rikitea or Tubuaï to enjoy an unforgettable holiday! In Senegal, it is more of a human adventure that we are seeking, with a real change of scenery and memorable moments of relaxation on the beaches of Cap Skirring.

Sightseeing and culture in April: where to go?

In April, where to go in Europe? It is the beginning of spring and an excellent season to discover the thousand and one treasures of Spain. Stroll through the streets of Barcelona and stop in the Gothic Quarter, visit its art museums, not to mention the Sagrada Familia. Or leave your luggage in Seville, Malaga or Madrid. Between history, culture and architecture, your stay promises to be rich in discoveries. The April holidays are also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the medieval setting of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its old town is discovered as you leaf through the pages of a history book. In Greece, the climate is ideal for exploring the ancient wonders of Athens, from the Acropolis to the Agora, not to mention visiting the city's many museums. Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Montenegro also have some incredible surprises in store for you at this time of year.

In France, it is neither too hot nor too cold to appreciate the charm of Annecy, Avignon, Lyon, Agen or Toulouse. But for those for whom holidays must go hand in hand with a new culture and experience, Israel represents a kind of cave of wonders, with the cultural bubbling of Tel Aviv, the theaters and museums of Jerusalem. The same surprise in Jordan where the remains of Petra, the city of Amman and the ancient site of Jerash are not to be missed. Asia also offers you an emotional journey to China, Japan, Pakistan and Taiwan. However, avoid the city of Guymri in Armenia, Calcutta and Madras in India, and northern Vietnam, which have a very unfavorable climate for tourist visits.

Most countries in South and Central America are preparing to welcome the winter season, and in April, the climate is mild everywhere. You can go to Peru and visit Machu Picchu, or stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most dynamic and pleasant South American capitals to discover.

Outdoor and hiking holidays in April

To relieve stress, rejuvenate and commune with nature, a few pearls stand out. This is the case in Costa Rica where the paths that run through the jungle can lead you to a heavenly beach. Another favorite place for hikers, Guadeloupe offers trekking routes for all levels in Basse-Terre, Les Saintes and La Désirade, between sea and nature. In the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the focus of attention, with its incredibly rich national parks where various species of lemurs and lizards live. Also on the African continent, South Africa and Senegal also have a favorable climate for hiking and safaris.

It is not always thought of, but Israel also offers hiking and trekking with more than 200 national parks and reserves. But it is the Negev desert that offers the best route for adventurers. In Jordan, nature lovers will find their happiness in the Mujib wadi or Azraq reserves. In the Philippines, you will also enjoy excellent weather conditions for hiking on the island of Luzon and climbing Mount Mayon or Mount Pulog, with a splendid panorama and breathtaking landscapes between waterfalls and forests.

In Europe, forget Santiago de Compostela where the climate is very unfavorable, and instead privilege the Spanish islands where the beautiful days are consecutive in the month of April. In the Balearic Islands, the island of Mallorca is a hiker's paradise, between its paths overlooking the sea and its wild landscapes. In the Canary Islands, this activity is also very popular and is practiced on foot, horse, and bicycle or even on camel. In Portugal, it is on Madeira Island that nature reveals its most beautiful colors. France is not to be outdone, with a clear preference for Corsica in April. In group, with family, friends or as a couple, you will enjoy exploring the mythical GR20.

The best sporting destinations to go to in April

In April, snow still persists in some European countries such as Austria and Germany, making them essential destinations for a final ski holiday before spring returns. But where to go in April to move in a sunny place, far from the cold mid-winter blues? Again, the choice is very wide. Cyprus, for example, offers a wide range of outdoor activities: diving, water sports, mountain biking and hiking. In Turkey, horse and bicycle rides are also possible in Cappadocia.

If for you, a sporting holiday rhymes with scuba diving, you will find your happiness in regions where the sea is both warm and calm. This is particularly the case in Jordan, which has many diving centers, Israel and Egypt which are open on the Red Sea, one of the most famous diving destinations in the world. On the other side of the Atlantic, Mexico will undeniably satisfy your desire to escape, especially on the Riviera Maya where you can come from afar to dive into the cenotes of the Yucatan.

Guadeloupe, which is nicknamed the island of beautiful waters, is also famous for its many diving and snorkeling spots in Les Saintes, Malendure and in the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Natural Park. Other activities are offered on site to vary the pleasures, such as sport fishing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and body-boarding, as many sports and leisure activities that can also be found in Martinique. Another multi-purpose destination, Madagascar offers many opportunities for adventure, sports and discovery. Diving, fishing, surfing, climbing, canyoning, rafting, paragliding, speleology, golf... everything is possible on the island! A few kilometers away, Mauritius offers about the same weather conditions as in April and is suitable for scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, cruising and various water sports.

Family holidays in April

A successful family holiday in April is a combination of adults' desire to relax and children's need to have fun. To do this, prefer regions that offer both beautiful beaches conducive to idleness and water parks or amusem*nt parks. This is the case, for example, in Spain, the Dominican Republic and Mauritius. You can also let yourself be tempted by a family adventure in the heart of nature, to meet an endearing and exotic fauna in South Africa, Madagascar or Guatemala.

A change of scenery in Japan where young and old will be projected into another universe, both futuristic and attached to traditions. Tokyo, the capital, is not to be missed for shopping and discovering its districts entirely dedicated to video games and new technologies. Sensations and emotions will also punctuate a trip to China where Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing have some good surprises in store for families, not to mention the largest Hello Kitty amusem*nt park.

But if you are looking for the perfect destination, the one that will make you feel like in a small paradise, book a stay in the Bahamas. Preferential rates for children in hotels, the huge Atlantis entertainment complex and its open-air aquarium promise a dream getaway. Closer by, the Canary Islands offer everything you could hope for a memorable holiday with your children: sublime beaches, interesting museums, diving courses for all ages, farms and zoos, theme parks and water parks. There is something for everyone!

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Where to travel In April 2024? 30 Best Warm Weather destinations In April (2024)


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